Saving Money by Helping the #Environment

Business leaders all over the world are seriously re-evaluating their business processes, their energy consumption, investing in “Green” buildings and constructions,  recycling of materials and waste, as well as eco-friendly use of other  resources, as a means of cost saving.  In Kent, UK, according to a study by BSK-CIC, 80% of surveyed businesses were motivated to take action on their resource use by the potential for savings.

One tangible item of cost saving is insurance. To support the preservation of #environmental resources and to encourage organisations to operate in an #eco-friendly manner, insurance companies are generously rewarding environmentally conscious organisations. In a networking breakfast meeting held today 6 Dec 2011 at the Holiday Inn Rochester, Kent, #Ray Johnson Proprietor of #Independent insurance services, explained how following a “Green” policy allows companies to have insurance discounts. The #ISO14001 winning company with its #Insure Green initiative provides, in addition to the insurance policy, a variety of benefits and business possibilities, as well as free advice and environmental tips.

The networking event was organised by #BSK-CIC; Business Support Kent Community Interest Company, in support of Low Carbon Essentials Program.


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