Chatham Rotary Distributes Funds to 13 Charities

Chatham Rotary Distributes Funds to 13 Charities

£125,000 raised and distributed to charity projects in the last 10 years

 Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom- 3 March 2012- On behalf of the Rotary Club of Chatham, Dr. Ravi Vibhuti, President 2011-2012 invited a number of charity organizations and friends of Rotary to the event “Funds Distribution to Charities” on 3rd March 2012 at 3:00pm The invited charity organizations will receive funds from the money raised by members of the club through the “Charity Walk” as well as through Christmas collections. The event will take place at The Age Concern, Hopewell centre, Chatham.

The “Charity Walk” was organized in October 2011 to promote Health Awareness and the benefits of “Walking and Exercising” as part of a healthy lifestyle. At Christmas 2011 members of the club raised the funds through collections in front of the Chatham Outlet Centre and Asda in Chatham, as well as from Chatham residents mainly in Walderslade, Lordswood and Wayfield areas, reached on the club’s Christmas float with Santa onboard.

“The ceremony is also to say a “Big Thank You” to all the people who donated the money and also to the volunteers who helped us raise the money including the members of the club and their families.  I am proud to say that the streets of Medway are not paved with gold but with good people with a big heart. Due to their generosity we managed to raise £3713,” said Dr. Vibhuti.

“It is customary that the president of the club selects the beneficiary organizations in recognition of their charitable work in the community.  As the club president for the Rotary year 2011-2012, my theme is to promote Health and Well being of young and old alike, along with the Rotary International’s bigger theme to “Bridge the Communities and Build the Continents”. With this vision in mind, I have chosen KM Walk to School, Age Concern, All Saints Project and Clic Sargent as my main charities.  However, over the years Rotary worked in liaison with other well known charities such as MacMillan, Wisdom Hospice, and Porchlight who will also receive a contribution from our funds along with the “Young Carers’ Project”  that the Rotary Governor of district 1120 has chosen for her term of office. I have also included Medway Twirlers, ethnic minority Welcome Day Centre, and Medway Hindu Mandir as a special recognition for their efforts in “Bridging the communities”. In terms of “Building Continents” I am supporting rural schools in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to encourage children’s education and understanding of International communities,“ explained Dr. Vibhuti.

The Rotary Club of Chatham is one of the first clubs in the UK, and the first in Medway. In the last ten years the club managed to generate and distribute more than £125,000 to charity organizations and projects. Since its foundation in 1923, the club has contributed to a wide range of projects leading to substantial results in individual and social wellbeing. In addition to charity organizations, the Club supports many activities including “Youth Speaks” aimed at developing leadership and public speaking skills of the young generation, and “Young Musicians” encouraging talented young people to excel in their achievement. Other projects included supporting Japan, Rotary International’s Polio eradication program and other international projects.

The Rotary Club of Chatham invites the community to get involved in the club’s activities, by joining as a member or as a volunteer, or by donating generously towards one or more of our projects. Full information is on the club’s website.


Contact: Randa Saab- Press Relations


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