Weird Creatures beneath the Waves

(Photo credit Chris Barnett)

Chatham, 6 July 2012- New Species are being discovered in the volcanic Mid-Atlantic Ridge at 2000 to 4000 meters deep. Heat resistant volcanic shrimps, giant species of lobsters and 6-inch long bacteria farming furry crabs, were amongst other sea creatures displayed in a presentation by scientist and adventurer Gloria Barnett.

The presentation which was organised by the Rotary Club of Chatham as a fund raiser for Rotary Foundation, highlighted the amazing world of the oceans. “We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the oceans of our own amazing planet” said Gloria while she explained about the unknown worlds living in pitch black darkness which reach 11,000 meters at its deepest point. From the largest living creature to the minute one-celled plankton, the presentation displayed strange and weird looking fish such as the Angler fish which has a little light on its head, the Megamouth shark which has luminous lips to attract its prey in the dark, Pompeii worms with their fascinating feathers and Oar fish extending to 17 meters long and believed to be associated with the myths of sea monsters. Jelly fish, believed to be one of the oldest creatures in the oceans going back to 580 million years, were also discussed. Gloria shared with the audience her knowledge, experience and some of the unique photos and films that she and her husband Chris took during their diving expeditions all over the world.

“Nothing compares like being close to the sea, I want to continue diving until I’m 99 if that can be possible” said Gloria. For more information on their diving expeditions, she invited the audience to visit her website The presentation was followed by signing her book “The Amazing World Beneath the Waves”. Gloria and her husband Chris are Rotarians from the South East Rotary district 1120.


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