Growing Body Parts Available for Medway Patients

 Chatham, 12 July 2012- “Growing body parts” is now a reality, and is available to patients in Medway. This is what Prof Anan Shetty; a consultant orthopaedic and knee surgeon, head of The Kent Knee Unit at the Spire Alexandra Hospital, confirmed.

 In a presentation at the Holiday Inn to members and friends of the Rotary Club of Chatham, Prof Shetty talked about his “spiritual journey”.  Travelling to the UK from India for studying medicine, encountering many hardships helped him develop his character and understand the sublime nature of the medical profession and the importance of medical research in improving the standard of life and reducing human suffering and pain. “I firmly believe that any patient who comes to me seeking my expertise in care and treatment should not be deprived”, said Professor Shetty explaining his vision.

 Through his research on the “Regeneration of Organs in the Animal Kingdom”, conducting studies to understand how certain reptiles can regenerate parts of their body, he discovered a revolutionary method that will help thousands of patients save their limbs from amputation. The procedure is done by extracting stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow, mixing it with a gel invented by Professor Peter Kim, which works as a cementing element, and then injecting the mixture into the broken or injured area. This technique which won the Independent Health Care Awards 2011, is known as the Shetty-Kim technique. The healing process through this technique is twice faster than normal.  Stem cell surgery is now available in a large number of applications including ear, nose and other body parts’ regeneration. “The Future of Regenerative Medicine lies in the Petri dish”, explained Prof Shetty.

 Professor Shetty did his specialist training at Kings’ College, London as a senior fellow under Mr Graeme Groom, the renowned limb reconstruction surgeon and subsequently completed his knee surgery fellowship at Orthopaedic Research Institute (ORI), San Francisco, USA under the world famous knee surgeon Dr Tom Coon, who developed the minimally invasive (MIS) knee surgery.

Prof Shetty is an esteemed member of the Rotary Club of Chatham which he joins on Wednesdays at the Holiday Inn in Rochester.

(Press release by Randa Saab Smith)


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