A Lebanese Festival of Creativity and Colour

While Lebanese politics continue to break the heart of its nationals, the Lebanese Art and artists continue to resuscitate that heart with unrelenting determination for enriching the world of Art and Culture with creativity and beauty.

The exhibition organised by the Lebanese Artists’ Association for Oct 2013 is a festival of creativity and colour and it equally pleases the eye, the heart and the mind. The works presented are a strong reminder of the power and capability of that nation.

Prior to opening the exhibition, distinguished artists were honoured at the opening ceremony. As Dr. Elias Dib, the President of the association said, it is good to honour the artist in his life time rather than after his death- thus honouring artists including Mahmoud Amhaz and Joseph Mattar who have been enjoying a life time of artistic inspiration.

What is sad is that Art has not been well supported on the level of government and municipalities, on the other hand, as highlighted at the opening ceremony, individual initiatives such as MACAM, the modern and contemporary art museum by Cesar Nammour which started to attract local and international enthusiasts to its base in Alita of Jbeil, has been a highly welcome and appreciated initiative. There is no doubt that such initiatives are very much needed in Lebanon and are greatly encouraged.

Following are photos from the exhibition.

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