Pope Francis Heals Enmities with Love

Pope Francis,

Your deep concern for humanity in all its faiths was evident through your visit to the Holy Land, and your Love was overwhelming…

You have brought a breath of hope to the Middle East and to the world.

Strongly demanding: “No more terrorism please”,  and by inviting rival factions to meet at your loving home, aiming to bring peace to the Middle East, you have conveyed a message that healing enmities with Love seems to be the best and the right solution.

Following an eternal dispute in the Middle East, years of negotiation, thousands of deaths and horrible blood shed, it seems that nothing will put an end to this ordeal except Love.

You brought back Love to Jerusalem…

You brought Love to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike…

May Holy Love overflow to all hearts and may it subdue all hatred and divisions.

May the wrong doers feel the strong pain of remorse, be regretful and correct their mistakes,

and may the victims find forgiveness in their hearts.

May that Love heal the wounds.

When the “Divine Being” takes over the mortal soul, then we can say that Miracles can happen.

When the “Divine Being” takes over the mortal soul, then walls of separation will disappear and a new world will be reborn…

May the “Divine Being” rule over the nations through Love,

May that Love re-unite all factions in Humanity,

and may Love be the guide to a peaceful Middle East…




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