Dylan Thomas, Under Milk Wood, a must read or watch

A black and white photo of Thomas in a book shop, he is wearing a suit with a white spotted bow tie.(pic from Wikipedia)

Dylan Thomas, a genuine gem in the world of literature and a true British treasure. Reading/watching his “Under Milk Wood”; a play for voices, has been an enlightening and a very pleasurable experience.

As a non-British educated person, it was the first time that I have come across Dylan Thomas’s work; thanks to our inspiring instructor of creative writing who guided us to his work.

A commanding master of the English language, a school of literature in his own right; Thomas’ play is a highly recommended read or watch. I found it difficult to understand “Under Milk Wood” play at first, but watching it again and again brings the full value and the sweet appreciation of this genius work.

I first watched it on BBC iplayer, which is a brillianat production of the play, enacted by a community of Welch performers :

Then I watched it through the 1972 Richard Burton’s movie on youtube,  which is a live animation of the story and the imagery, with actors and all:

then I watched again on BBC iplayer to have another listen to the words.

To make it easy, one can switch on the English subtitles to fully appreciate the words and the images.

Fascinating, a highly recommended read and watch. I loved it!


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