My mother’s garden

My mother’s garden, by Randa Saab

mama's garden

I went to your garden

was looking for you

From corner to corner

was searching for you


I could smell your fragrance

I followed the trail

It was damask roses

Beautiful but pale


I could not see you, but

I knew you were there


So soft and velvety

I followed your light

reflected in Arums

as your skin so bright


Infused orange blossom

Embracing my breath

swiftly clasped my heart with

your gentle caress


I could not touch you, but

I felt you were there


The happy birds’ twitter

The blossoming flare

The little butterflies

Told me you were there


The warmth of your presence

Lingered in the air

Your love and your kindness

That you always share


I could not find you, but

Your love was still there


Two years have passed today

But I kept looking

From corner to corner

I just kept hoping


Although it’s a bright day

My soul feels so bare

A shadow of sadness

Hangs on in the air


I cannot find you, I’m

afraid you’re not there




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